January 5th
First hands-on experience with the original copy of the King of Space game.
January 12th
Introduction of original source material provided by the author Sarah Smith.
January 19th
Initial brainstorming session for the project; story elements, art style, and overall game direction were discussed.
January 24th
Started website and game UI wireframing alongside game mapping.
February 3rd
King of Space "Slider" puzzle minigame fully programmed.
February 13th
Website & Game are wireframed and prototyped, ready for proposal.
February 23rd
Day of presentation of the proposal for reconstructing King of Space to the author Sarah Smith.
February 28th
Final logos for King of Space approved as well as early character illustrations completed.
March 3rd
King of Space "Erotogenerator" minigame is fully programmed.
March 4th
Completion of character concepts, sent in for approval.
March 13th
Character designs finalized and approved.
March 21st
All webpages coded and built; content ready for implementation.
March 30th
King of Space "Slider" puzzle completed with assets.
April 6th
Completion of 3D models for Lady Nii and Tam Rosse. Completion of the logo animation. Various art assets approved for game implementation.
April 8th
All webpages coded and built; ready for content.
April 10th
"Radar" game assets completed and ready for implementation.
April 16th
"Troop Carrier" minigame assets completed.
April 21st
Teapot finished. Just look at it, amazing isn't it?
April 22nd
Game start screen illustrated and animated by the Design Team.
April 24th
Trailer theme music produced by Ransom Reed, completed.
April 30th
Greatship Map illustration completed.
May 1st
Priestess Aster 3D Model completed.
May 2nd
3D Models for each ship, the Greatship and Lifeship completed.
May 4th
King of Space: Reconstruction of a Narrative Game, completed and presented to the author Sarah Smith.