Photo of Sarah Smith taken by Augusten Burroughs.

Sarah Smith, the author of King of Space, is a writer from Brookline, Massachusetts and a member of the Cambridge Speculative Fiction Workshop. Her series of mystery novels includes New York Times Notable Book and Waterstone’s (London) Book of the Year The Vanished Child, New York Times Notable Book The Knowledge of Water, Entertainment Weekly Editor's Choice A Citizen of the Country and her most recent book in the series, Crimes and Survivors, set aboard the Titanic.

Smith wrote King of Space after meeting the owner and publisher of Eastgate Systems, Inc., Mark Bernstein, at MacWorld, just after finishing her first novel. "Want to write me something?" Mark asked, and she did. The work was published in 1991 and remains, along with John McDaid's Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse, one of a handful of e-lit works that tackle the science fiction genre.

Agatha Award
Massachusetts Book Award
New York Times Notable Book of the Year (twice)
Waterstone's Book of the Year
Published in 15 languages
Internationally bestselling author

The Vanished Child (1992)

“Someone killed Richard. Now Richard wants to know why.” A dead millionaire, a disappeared child witness, an innocent young girl—and a half-mad, unwilling detective with a mysterious connection to all of them.

The Knowledge of
Water (1996)

Set in Paris during the devastating flood of 1910, The Knowledge of Water is a lush, complex, beautifully written novel about the consuming pleasures of passion and the obsessive perils of art.

A Citizen of the
Country (2000)

In the French countryside in 1911, a horror film evokes the shadows of war to come. A man in love, a man afraid...a fight against terrible odds...a cursed film, a cursed love, and the shadows of war...A Citizen of the Country.

Chasing Shakespeares (2003)

Joe has a letter from William Shakespeare saying he didn’t write the plays. Joe thinks it's forged; Posy believes it. Joe and Posy find that, when you start chasing Shakespeares, what you find is not only who he was, but who you are, and how far you're willing to go...

The Other Side of
Dark (2010)

Past, present. Living, dead. The ghosts Katy sees may lead her to a treasure, but they won’t help her with her life. A powerhouse YA debut about ugly histories, unlikely romances, and seeing people—alive and otherwise—for who they really are.

Crimes and Survivors

In 1912 America, a young woman learns she may be Black. To find the truth, she follows her grandfather aboard the greatest ship in the world—Titanic. But when the iceberg strikes, she finds the truth is more complicated than black and white. More loving, more inspiring, and far more dangerous . . .

Future Boston (co-wrote)

A collaboration by eight prizewinning science-fiction authors, Future Boston is the chronicle of a great city under alien occupation. From artists who see time to cannibalistic bishops, Future Boston presents an intricately conceived and alien new world.